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Book: Anno 1: Progetti non costruiti/Year 1: Unbuilt projects

Casa Effe

Addition to the municipal cemetary of San Pancrazio Salentino: Honorable Mention

Competition “Per il miglioramento funzionale di piazzetta Civitanova”: a functional reevaluation of a small square in the town Castrovillari, Calabria, Italy: Third prize

Competition Children’s Book Pavilion Itabashi: First prize

MIAW Milano International Architecture Workshop Politecnico di Milano
Geir Brendeland, Olav Kristoffersen, Negrini Lindvall Architettura

A Future for Craco

Minihouse Hurdal

Competition: The Wall, Honorable Mention

Competition: Church at the Pulpit Rock

Competition: A House Without Function

I’m_Migrant: Diploma Project

The Ceremony of Space: Diploma Project

Competition: Pisa Conferance Hall