Competition made together with Skajaa Arkitektkontor

The Circle Park is the new main square of Ski. Instead of two separated parts the square is now working as one unit together with the help of the homogenous paving, urban water streams  and aesthetically connected pavilions with different social purposes. The northern part in front of the city hall is more open and simple, where a platform lined with trees mark an area destined for markets etc, but does not block the view from the building. This way celebrations like the Norwegian national day can still be held in the square, without to many obstacles hindering the gathering. In the rectangular pavilion there is a café and public toilets separated by a passage. In the circular pavilion one can sit, take cover from the rain and children can play and swing. In the middle there is a large, lush, green area. The vegetation is all perennial of nordic origin chosen mainly to attract pollinators and to survive with large quantities of water, so in rainy periods water gathers in the centre of the pavilion and creates an interesting area for play and reflection.