Honorable Mention

The wall reflects a choice and a meaning. It reflects the choice of the person who put it there and the choice or possibility of the person walking towards it. Walls that create barriers preventing you to cross, do not mean that your wish to cross changes. The walls that have been breached throughout history are those where the wishes to cross have remained stronger than the wall itself. All because of the wish to take part in what is on the other side. To make two spaces into one again. In front of the wall, the visitor can be stopped, pass through or choose another path. While some walls are breached, some are respected, some are hated and some are loved.

As the wall thus is reflecting people’s choices, the walls in this proposal are represented by mirrors. The mirror reflects an image, but is not transparent. The mirror symbolises the intangible but utterly evident symbolism related to walls. When walking towards it it is showing you your coming choice and at the same time what you have already seen (in the reflection). That which you have just passed, what you already know. The reflection is hence a symbol of your ideas. The mirror is showing you your current actions. And even if you have an understanding about what is beyond the wall, you can never fully know until you have come to the other side.

This proposal is blocking the view to some of Bologna’s most popular places (Sette Chiese, The two towers and the window/finestrella, facing Canale delle Moline). Only by passing the mirrored wall will you see it as a whole. The project represents and explains the wall as the physical divider that it is, but also as a narrative of what the wall does psychologically. Your idea of the wall, your understanding of it, its value in and through time and how you interact with or use it. The wall, any wall, is thus a story, a reflection of both past, present and future.